Mentoring Event

Location: Takka (D)
Time: Tuesday, June 28th, 13:10-14:20

IEEE IT Society’s Student and Outreach Subcommittee is organizing a mentorship event during the ISIT 2022 conference, on topics relevant to students, postdocs, and young faculty members of the IT Society. The event will be held on June 28 01:10 PM – 2:20 PM EEST in rooms Takka, Palaver, and Poli of the ISIT venue. The event will consist of several parallel sessions on different topics where members of the ITSoc community from academia and industry will provide scientific and career advice, share their experiences, and answer questions from junior members who are registered to the ISIT 2022. Each session will be mentored by two mentors in two separate parts of 35 minutes each.

The schedule of the mentoring sessions is as follows:

Session 1: Industry Career Planning
Mentors: Arash Behboodi 13:10-13:45
Flavio Clamon 13:45-14:20

Session 2: Young Faculty Career Advice
Mentors: Lele Wang 13:10-13:45
Hamdi Joudeh 13:45-14:20

Session 3: Time-Management and Work-Life Balance
Mentors: Haim Permuter 13:10-13:45
Chih-Chun Wang 13:45-14:20

Session 4: Navigating the Academic Job Market
Mentors: Anand Sarwate 13:10-13:45
Michèle Wigger 13:45-14:20

Session 5: Funding Your Research
Mentors: S. Sandeep Pradhan 13:10-13:45
Lalitha Vadlamani 13:45-14:20

Session 6: The Postdoctoral Experience
Mentors: Homa Nikbakht 13:10-13:45
Kai Wan 13:45-14:20

We look forward to your participation in this event for an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other members of the IT community.

Student and Outreach Subcommittee
(Farhad Shirani, Onur Günlü, Navid NaderiAlizadeh, Siyao Li, Neha Sangwan, I-Hsiang Wang)